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 Coloma United Methodist Church

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Pastor Ron

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Sanctuary Doors remain open from 9:00 for Cornerstone until after Crosswalk worship ends at noon. There is room and welcome for you!

Coloma United Methodist Church

144 South Church Street

P.O. Box 670

​Coloma, Michigan 49038

Is the Church closed? Inclement weather happens!  

Check at one of these for information:

* COZYfm 103.7  *  WSJMfm 94.9  *  WIRX 107  * 

*  The Coast  98.3  *  YCountry 97.5  * 

Upcoming Events​    
June  20  9:00am   Joint Prayer Group with and at Riverside UMC
June  23  and every summer Saturday  9am to 1pm  
               Church Street Market farm market in CUMC church parking lot

June  24  8:00am  Fellowship Breakfast at Hot Spot Restaurant in Coloma

​                             All are welcome.

               9:15am  Cornerstone Worship (Mike Gearhart in the pulpit)
​             10:15am  Coffee Fellowship

             11:14am  Crosswalk Worship  (Mike Gearhart in the pulpit) 
             11:15am  Life Lessons (Adult Sunday School) in the conference room

June   25  Book Club with The Kitchen House by Kathleen Grissom
​​C​heck the "more upcoming events" button for June/July event details.

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Children's Programs

Children's Programs

Please wear your name tag on July 1st to help Pastor Chris learn our names!  If you need a new name tag, there's a sign up sheet to request a new one in the entryway. 

Picture posting soon of Pastor Chris

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Sunday Worship

We'd love to see you this Sunday!  Our usual schedule is:
  9:15 am  Cornerstone Worship 

10:15 am  Coffee Fellowship
11:14 am  Crosswalk Worship

​11:14 am  Children's "wHoly" Play / Nursery

​11:15 am  Adult Small Group - Life Lessons