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 Coloma United Methodist Church

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Curious about what a worship service might be like?  Click here to view two recent bulletins listing the order of activities for typical Cornerstone and Crosswalk services:

Worship Schedule

Worship Schedule

Sunday Worship

Summer Specific Observances 

When Its summer in Michigan - we love to be out-of-doors!  And Southwest Michigan has many summer specific events to take advantage of as well.  Here are a few:

July, August   Every Wednesday at 7:30 p.m.  Sonset Worship at Hagar Shore Beach. 

mid June    Fest    Downtown City of Coloma 

First weekend in August    Glad Peach Festival   Downtown City of Coloma

   Parking Friday and Saturday Parking Fundraiser for Backpack Project

   Sunday     Our  Sunday service times are changed to allow us to join in Ecumenical worship service . 

   Most area churches are a part of the Ecumenical service in downtown  Coloma , as determined by the Coloma        Glad Peach Committee.

 For a more  complete list of Coloma United Methodist Church events, click on:

Cornerstone Worship will begin at 9:45am, followed by Coffee Fellowship at 10:45am, and finally Crosswalk Worship beginning at 11:15am.  

Whether you are a life long Christian or new seeker you will find sanctuary in this compassionate theologically diverse community.  All are welcome!

We'd love to see you this Sunday!  Our usual schedule is:

  9:45 am  Cornerstone Worship  

                  This is the more traditional worship service.

​   11:15 am  Crosswalk Worship

​                   This is a more relaxed service.  Those present are encouraged to dialogue during the message.

                   Guitar and piano often accompany singing.        Casual Worship!

Please note:  The sanctuary doors are opened for gathering and  hymn singing, and remain open throughout the worship service. They stand open in silent witness that you are  welcome to enter whenever you arrive.  Come! Sing! Worship!

Other Sunday Opportunities:

10:15 am  Coffee Fellowship
11:00 am   Life Lessons - Adult Small Group