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An open table:  How United Methodists understand communion.  That includes all who present themselves, regardless of age or church affiliation.  Officially  the conditions are those whom Christ invites:  It is those who "love him, earnestly repent of their sin, and seek to be at peace with one another.  We serve all who present themselves, not questioning their integrity in response to the invitation."

For the United Methodist understanding of baptism, please click on the More button below.  Baptism is a one time event in a person's faith journey.  It is the beginning and not the end, as it symbolically marks a person as a member of Christ's family, and starts a person down the right path.  Once baptized we must study and work to grow in the faith..

The following words are taken directly from www.umc/org, the internet link to the United Methodist Church,

world-wide.  The videos are courtesy of United Methodist Communications.  



What We Believe

Our Affirmation

B. McLaren A Generous Orthodoxy page 303:
"The Christian religion" is neither the ultimate goal of Jesus nor the ultimate goal of God, in my view. Rather, the goal of Jesus is the kingdom of God, which is the dream of God, the wish and hope and desire of God for creation - like a parent's hopes and dreams for a beloved child.
The World Methodist Social Affirmation:

We believe in God, creator of the world and of all people; and in Jesus Christ, incarnate among us, who died and rose again; and in the Holy Spirit, present with us to guide, strengthen, and comfort.

We rejoice in every sign of God's kingdom: in the upholding of human dignity and community; in every expression of love, justice, and reconciliation; in each act of self-giving on behalf of others; in the abundance of God's gifts entrusted to us that all may have enough; in all responsible use of the earth's resources.

We confess our sin, individual and collective, by silence or action: through the violation of human dignity based on race, class, age, sex, nation, or faith; through the exploitation of people because of greed and indifference; through the misuse of power in personal, communal, national, and international life; through the search for security by those military and economic forces that threaten human existence; through the abuse of technology which endangers the earth and all life upon it.

We commit ourselves individually and as a community to the way of Christ; to take up the cross; to seek abundant life for all humanity; to struggle for peace with justice and freedom; to risk ourselves in faith, hope, and love, praying that God's kingdom may come.

Four Areas of Focus

The Four Areas of Focus express the vision and yearnings of the people of The United Methodist Church.

Over this quadrennium, the church will seek to focus the work of

making disciples for Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world

around these four areas of ministry:

Combating the diseases of poverty by improving health globally.
Engaging in ministry with the poor.
Creating new places for new people and revitalizing existing congregations.
Developing principled Christian leaders for the church and the world.

To see how these focus areas are transformed into action, click on this link:  Focus

What We Believe