Coloma United Methodist Church

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NOTE:  Pastor Ron has requested all Church Council Members attend a viewing of this webinar in the church parlour, beginning at 7:30pm Thursday, September 22, 2016.  

Anyone else interested is invited to attend as well! .

Study, learn, at your own pace in your own best time!

Click on "More" button below for the link to available webinars from the  worldwide United Methodist Church. Of particular emphasis this time of year are many webinars centered around teaching and involving children.  Other seminars provide information on leadership, evangelism, faith formation, stewardship, just to name a few. 

Important to living is the act of learning!



     a compassionate people, seeking, serving, sharing, discovering the love of Jesus, together.


Here are current webinars from the General Board of Discipleship:

Lay Servant Ministries and Certified Lay Ministry: What’s New After GC 2016?
9/14/2016 @ 7:30pm

Developing a Narrative Budget
9/22/2016  7:30pm

Healthy Families Series: Five Dimensions of Health
9/27/2016 @ 3pm

Celebrating Extended Advent in 2016

9/29/2016 @ 7:30pm