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WOW, where did that 6 months go?? A lot has been happening since our last VCI update and we want to keep everyone informed so here goes.

Our first major priority was Rx3a ­ Making the most of our Sunday Mornings. This effort involved the worship design team and the First Impression Team. Worship has improved, our facilities are now much more inviting, and the welcome we give guests on Sundays has gone from very good to great!

Our second major priority was Rx1 ­ Vision, Goals, and Structural Realignment. We have seen the vision, set our goals, and begun the very hard work of restructuring. Ahead of schedule, we separated the Administrative Council into two mutually accountable teams ­ Vision nd Ministry and Operations. This move has made it easier for both teams to focus on their area of interest.

This fall we will establish the new Church Council that will be the governing board for the whole church while retaining a Mission and Ministry Team and an Operations team. The new Church Council will envelope the functions of the Trustees, Staff Parish Relations, and Finance Committees along with being the body that sets boundaries, and establishes vision and goals for the church. We are living into these changes and learning how to make them work as we go, but the results so far are encouraging.

Our third major priority was Rx2a&d ­ Developing a Discipleship Path for our congregation and a clear Leadership Development Model. These have been combined into what we call “Growing in Christ” a pathway to spiritual maturity and leadership that involves study, application tools, and experiential involvements designed to deepen each participant’s faith and encourage further growth. Thanks to our Congregational Development team for their hard work.

Our fourth major priority was Rx2c ­ Research and create a new Children’s Ministry.  Work will begin soon on refurbishing the rooms on the third floor in preparation for the new year.  The nursery will be moving to the third floor as well. The current nursery will still be used for little ones during events in the fellowship hall. New curriculum from Cokesbury has been chosen and preparations are now being made to have teachers ready for a September start.

Our fifth major priority is Rx3e ­ Beginning a new Sunday worship service. Our team has just finished the workshops and are moving on a pathway that leads us to a second Sunday service in the fall of 2016. We are targeting the 40-­55 age group with this service and anticipate it will be a much less formal version of our “classic” service, using a greater variety of music with an acoustic band for accompaniment. We are planning that Sunday School will run concurrent with this service when it is introduced next fall.

The best news is that all our hard work is starting to show results! Since we started we have welcomed 20 new people into the life of our worshipping congregation, most of whom are also involved in other activities or groups as well. In addition to that we’ve added 7 new youth in
our youth group and 6 more youth in our BSA Venture Crew.

We’ve come a long way since we began the Vital Church Initiative in the fall of 2012.  After months of study and preparation we had our consultation Weekend in April 2014, received our prescriptions and voted to accept them. Since then we have been busy working our way through the prescriptions.

My thanks again to all who have served on VCI teams, accepted leadership roles through this process, and to all of you who have been faithful as we often floundered our way through this initiative. Any time you have questions about what we are up to ­ please feel free to ask ­ my door is always open and my phone is always on. We’re not done yet, but we’ve come a long way already ­ discovering the love of Jesus, together.

Pastor Ron

We've nearly completed the prescriptions outlined in this process to re-vitalize our church.  It began with Pastor Ron Van Lente, Lay Leader Pam Walker, and Rod Kreiger studying and attending monthly sessions with Conference leaders and teams from six other West Michigan Conference churches.  After weeks of fact finding and interviews, a conference team reviewed all information and delivered the congregation with a Prescription detailing what was believed necessary to renew and revitalize our church.  It wasn't a matter of what was wrong, but what could make us better at making disciples for Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

VCI Vital Church Initiative

VCI Vital Church Initiative

     a compassionate people, seeking, serving, sharing, discovering the love of Jesus, together.