Coloma United Methodist Church

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Prescription 5 Initiating Proper Communication Practices

● Updated website online as of 8/1/15. Pages still being added and information updated.
● Interviews of staff completed ­ communication difficulties addressed
● Church wide survey taken and tabulated. Congregation uses written materials on Sunday (Communicator, program) mostly. Some read screens and

   many read their email communications. Few use the Facebook page or website for info. Hard copy communications are provided to all who desire

   them. Campaign to encourage congregation to use email and Facebook more ­ use website for calendar.
● CUMC has designated our office manager, Beth Kraiger, as communications officer for the church. All are encouraged to route all communications

    about events, schedules, room needs, and meeting reports through Beth, or at the very least, copy Beth on your communications. Beth will then

    route them to the appropriate parties.
● CUMC has also designed various reporting forms for events, ongoing ministries, and financial requests/reports to enhance communications and

   accountability. All team leaders and anyone using church funds are highly encouraged to use these forms. They are available in hard copy in the 

   office or electronically through Beth.

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