Coloma United Methodist Church

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Prescription 3. Making the Most of your Sunday Morning Worship

● a. Worship design team visited existing services of other churches to observe flow, music, style, and use of technology. Used a “worship evaluation” tool to get feedback from the congregation. Purchased a subscription in June 2014 to Marcia McFee’s “Worship Design Studio” to help implement new insights from visits. Design team has been working very hard to improve flow, thematic approach, and overall meaningfulness of every worship service.
● b. First Impression team has completed their book studies.
● c. First Impression Team has completed their facilities assessment.
      ○ Recommendations completed are: refurbishment of lower floor and main floor bathrooms; refurbishment and renaming of parlor to conference 

         room; refurbishment of entryway and foyer; refurbishment of fellowship hall; new
● d. Overall strategy for inviting retired and late boomers completed and implemented signage. Some recommendations not yet completed include:

       guest designated parking spaces, coffee and welcome area in foyer
      ○ Emphasis on social, recreational, and missional opportunities for first contact.
      ○ Advertising in local Realty brochure.
      ○ Continued participation in city/township activities
● e. Worship Strategy Team has attended 3 “Starting a New Worship Service” workshops and have visited other churches with alternative worship

       services. Team now working timeline to launch second Sunday morning service in early October of 2016. Service will target 40-­55 age range.
       ○ Used worship series, A Disciples Path, Dive-­In, and Get Their Name to begin preparing congregation for new service launch.
       ○ WHY event this October 11 followed by WHY worship series designed to be invitational events preparing us for new service launch.

     a compassionate people, seeking, serving, sharing, discovering the love of Jesus, together.