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Prescription 2 Intentional Faith Formation / Leadership Development
     ● a. Council Study of “A Disciple’s Path” completed
            ○ Plan for discipleship for all members just completed by Congregational Development Team ­ “Growing in Christ” outlines various studies and

               activities designed to encourage continual spiritual growth in every participant.
     ● b. Congregational study of “A Disciple’s Path” completed
     ● c. Children’s Ministry Task Force
            ○ Create and implement “Safe Sanctuaries” policy completed
            ○ Ministry Audit of children’s ministries completed
            ○ Job descriptions for paid and unpaid CM staff completed and reviewed
            ○ Facility assessment (3rd floor) completed, recommendations are in progress and will be paid for out of capital funds derived from the sale of

               the Watervliet parsonage.
                 ■ New flooring in large classroom, bathroom and storage room, and small classroom off gathering room (to be used as Nursery) office.

                    (The former Parish Nurse/Kid’s Hope office will now be the Children and Youth Ministries office). Note: current lighting in the large

                    gathering room will be replaced and used in the other rooms as part of this refurbishment.
                 ■ New lighting in large gathering room, large classroom, new Nursery, and
                 ■ Minor refurbishment of bathroom (mirror, toilet seat, paper dispensers, etc.
                 ■ Shelving constructed in storage room.
                 ■ Painting all rooms except youth room.
            ○ Visitation of other children’s programs completed
            ○ New Children’s Ministry model completed and presented to Mission and Ministry
                  ■ Sunday School to be concurrent with worship service. Children will gather in large room for introductory lesson, then disperse to

                     appropriate classrooms. Two classes for fall: early elementary and pre-­youth.  Curriculum “Deep Blue” from Cokesbury features

                     downloadable lessons and worksheets and weekly ‘streaming video’ of main message/theme.

     ● d. Leadership Development Plan
            ○ Plan development implemented January 1, 2015
                  ■ Former Nominations Committee now elected as sub­team of Congregational Development called the Leadership Development Team. 

                     Headed by the pastor and lay leader they will implement skills and gifts assessment and testing to identify possible leaders. Series of

                     training workshops will follow and mentoring relationships will be established.