Coloma United Methodist Church

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Consultation Report

Prescription 1 Developing Clear, Vision, Goal Setting and Structure Realignment

     ● a. yes vote complete
     ● b. service of prayer, healing, and forgiveness complete
     ● c. Visioning workshop complete
             ○ Vision statement: “Compassionate people: seeking, sharing, serving; discovering the love of Jesus, together”
     ● d. goal setting workshop complete.
             ○ continue to take prescriptions 
             ○ include one new person per month in the life of the church
             ○ involve (two or more activities) one new person per month   ­
      ● e. Ministry audit team has completed their work.
              ○ recommendations
                       ■ discontinue participation in the Parish Nurse program through Lakeland Medical. Action taken effective June 30, 2015.
                       ■ discontinue ‘sponsoring church’ relationship with Lighthouse Ministries of Benton Harbor. In discussion
                       ■ design pilot programs to augment existing service programs to make them more relational.  In discussion
      ● f. Job descriptions done
      ● g. Moving to governance model of organization
             ○ a. study of book “Winning of Purpose” completed
             ○ b. governance model workshop scheduled for Sept 8, 2015, 6:30pm
             ○ c. implementation of new governance model by fall 2015
                      ■ First phase completed January 1, 2015 to separate existing council into two mutually accountable bodies :
                         Vision and Ministry, and Operations.  Vision and Ministry Team to consist of 6 Ministry Teams: Worship,Hospitality, Missions,
                         Communications, Congregational Development, and Congregational Care.
                      ■ Second phase ­ establishment of new Church Council to take effect January 1, 2016. Leadership Development Team beginning work

                         to recruit council representatives.

     a compassionate people, seeking, serving, sharing, discovering the love of Jesus, together.