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After careful consideration and much thought, it has been decided that CUMC will not host a Vacation Bible School in 2017.  Best wishes to all children and their families for a happy and safe summer!

Vacation Bible School

Last Year 2016 VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL - July 5-8 evenings from 6:00 -  8:30 pm. 

The theme was "G-Force"   for ages 4-10.   Lots of fun science and game activities!

Every evening at 6pm, we served a light supper for VBS children and their families. Mealtime was a chance to experience some family time, talk with VBS staff,  enjoy a meal and fellowship with other families, before leaving your children to be part of VBS activities.  Sometimes parents stayed all evening to see the fun for themselves!  There was no cost, other than your time!  We look forward to seeing you and your children!

Here are but a few of the pictures from 2016 VBS -              

              All children and teachers went home tired and happy and filled with the G-Force!

Vacation Bible School