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Prayers for Stressful Times

​The deepening political divide has left us all stressed, no matter who we voted for, and no matter what we think about the events since the inaugration.  Stress is not good for our minds or our bodies.  One good way to relieve stress is to pray.  Our sanctuary is open for prayer Tuesday through Thursday from 9am to 12 noon (food pantry hours).  Come, pray and invite your friends to come too.  Praying together is one way, one of the best ways, to overcome our differences by emphasizing our commonalities by laying our worries at the feet of God. 

​Communion on Election Day can make a statement

Coloma United Methodist Church held open communion on November 8th, election day, from 5pm to 7:30pm.  We felt a need to assemble, open our doors, and offer communion, providing a significant act of participation and of healing.  In these stressful times, the sanctuary seemed to be the right place, a safe place to sit and to mediate, quietly, with others who felt a need for peace and quiet and prayer.  Votive candles were provided to light with a prayer, if desired.

Polly House, The Intrepreter, November-December 2016:
In 2012, 900 churches of different denominations across the United States observed Election Day Communion.
Participating churches opened their doors and decided to make a statement — not about candidates, political parties or agendas, but acknowledging that true hope is found in Christ and participating in holy acts of union and reconciliation.

The Rev. Michael Scarlett, pastor of First United Methodist Church in Pocatello, Idaho, is proud to have his church host the community for Election Day Communion.  We are participating because, in the words of (Christian activist and author) Shane Claiborne, we're not called to follow an elephant or a donkey — we're called to follow the slaughtered lamb," he said.

St. Paul's United Methodist Church in Odessa, Delaware, will also have communion on election night. The Rev. Karin Tunnell, pastor, said, "Jesus welcomes us all to the table regardless of political affiliation. It is the ritual symbol that Christ has given us that we are loved."

Polly Housenis a freelance writer and editor currently serving as editorial assistant for Interpreter. She is based in Nashville, Tennessee. 

Updates: Events/Concerns

Manchester Attack  - Turn from evil and do good:

British Methodist, other church leaders express horror over targeting of children, youth at a Manchester concert and call for prayer.

​Try this link to umc.org, for UMC leadership reaction to the Manchester attack:

We join all in support and sympathy for the latest victims of terrorism in London. 

Standing with Standing Rock 

We celebrated the decision by the Army Corps of Engineers to find another route for the oil pipeline.  New struggles are revealed almost daily as pipelines are planned to cross additional native American land grants across the nation.  We continue to pray and work for peaceful and environmentally friendly resolution to these conflicts. For more details, please click on this button:

Updates: Events/Concerns