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Tools of Hope

The Red Cross Blood Drive at the church on May 21st was a great success.  39 people came and 37 were able to donate  This may have been a new record for CUMC!  Thank you so much - everyone who donated, gave, worked or supplied cookies and juice to those who donated.  Good job!    

In 2018 Church World Services distributed thousands of tools around the world.  You can be part of an even greater response for 2019. Through this effort CWS (Church World Services) will reach familyes fleeing their homes, recovering from disaster, and more.  A special offering will be taken during worship on June 9th to help support this important mission.


There's a page for photos taken at celebrations and gatherings held over the past year(s).  And please call the office if you have photos from church activities you like to see added! (Call 468-6062 or use the Contact Us button upper right of this page)                                        Click here for instant access.

Videos courtesy of United Methodist Communications.  

A new project is being considered at Coloma UMC - a Telephone Ministry.  The Ministry's purpose would be to check in,  by telephone, with people who live alone and are not often out of their homes.  The phone calls would be brief, and hopefully help keep the church family better connected.  If you would like to be a person making these phone calls on a regular basis, or, if you would like to be receiving the phone calls (either weekly, monthly, or daily), please let us know by calling the church office at 269.468.6062.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

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