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Annual Church Conference  -  October 18, 2017 

4:30pm The District Superintendent meets with Council Members.

5:00pm The District Superintendent meets with the entire church congregation for the church business meeting and devotional.  Please plan to attend as details are announced and voted upon for 2018.  Attend and be in the know!

Church Council members will be meeting during August and September to prepare reports for this annual meeting; their reports are to be completed for submission to the D.S. by the first week of October.

The Backpack Project is totally funded by donations and proceeds from parking fees during the August Glad Peach Festival, held in 2017 on August 4, 5, and 6. Proceeds were a bit light for all Festival events as the cold rain and bad weather hit Friday.  But Saturday was a beautiful sunny southwest Michigan day for enjoying the Festival with family and friends!  

Thanks to all volunteers and to all those who parked their cars in the CUMC lot, donating time and money to feed elementary children who use backpacks of food every weekend during the school year.  Thanks!  Thanks!  Thanks!   Good food grows strong minds and bodies for the future!  Hope you enjoyed your visit!  (More details available on the Backpack Project page.)

What is Pub Theology?  Where?  When?     Pub Theology 7:00pm Mondays  Arc. Brewery, Watervliet
People have been gathering for centuries in pubs, taverns, open spaces, to engage in conversation around topics of mutual interest, whether life, philosophy, or religion.  This gathering sponsored by several area churches offers a safe place to sit and listen or discuss. Mondays at 7:00pm, Arc Brewery in Watervliet, all are invited: believers, doubters, agnostics, hindus, atheists, buddists, non-believers.  The more the merrier!  Be there - see and hear for yourself. 

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

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Son Set at the Beach 7:30pm Thursdays  

Are you spiritual but not religious?  Looking for a relaxed worship experience?  Meet at Hagar Shore Beach, 7:30pm - bring a chair or a blanket.  Enjoy singing as Pastor Ron plays guitar.  Always open to any and all seekers!  Bring a chair or a blanket.

Supper at Son Set August 30, 2017, 6pm.  Come early for dinner, bringing a dish to pass, your own tableware, and a chair or blanket.  After we share good food, we'll share fellowship, singing, and discussion in a casual worship setting.

From the Congregational Care Team

Anyone who would like to have the pastor or a lay person visit before a surgery or during a hospitalization please contact the office so that we are aware of your wishes and the expected date and time.  Office manager Beth Kraiger will pass the information along to the appropriate person.  Prayer chain requests may be made in the same way.  Please remember not to submit a name for the prayer chain without the person's approval. 

Mentor Training Starts in August!
The Kids Hope Program needs new mentors for this school year's children!  If you are interested, please contact Debbie Cowgill for details.  She can be reached through the Contact button at the upper right of this page, or by leaving a message for her on the church office telephone 269.468.6062.  

             The August training class is filling up now!

There's a new page for photos taken at celebrations and gatherings held over the past few months.  And call the office if you have photos from church activities you like to see added! (Call 468-6062 or use the Contact Us button upper right of this page)

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Videos courtesy of United Methodist Communications.  These two videos support the summer sermon series "Love Songs".

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