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In the late 1800's millions of immigrants began arriving in New York City by steamship.  Many of these newcomers had no money and no family as they stepped of the boat.  Fortunately, Alma Matthews and members of the Women's Home Missionary Society were there to greet young women and guide them to safety.  Alma Matthews spent 40 years meeting boats and making sure these new Americans had clothing, a meal, and a bed to sleep in.  Learn more about this Methodist woman who followed her faith and changed history.

Cancelled temporarily due to the Covid-19 safety measures.  It is being conducted and can be viewed on the Riverside United Methodist Church Facebook page.

​Wednesdays - 9am   Coloma and Riverside UMC Joint Prayer Group at Riverside UMC

You are welcome to come to fellowship and prayer time with others at Riverside UMC, 9am, any Wednesday.  This ongoing group consists of everyone from one-time never been to church folks to long-time experienced prayer warriors - we are all one in the eyes of God! 

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Gilbert Caldwell stands up for Justice & Human Rights

Small Group Study Groups

If interested in beginning a new group, please see Pastor Chris. 

It would be wonderful to have another small group of intentional study!​​

Refugees and Methodist Women

​      from an Historical Perspective

     a compassionate people, seeking, serving, sharing, discovering the love of Jesus, together.


God's Gift of the Earth:  A Photo Prayer

Notable Methodist Women

Upcoming Events continued

Water?  Cool, clean, Water.

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United Methodists bond with Muslim Neighbors

United Methodist Belief's:  Missions

From the Congregational Care Team

Anyone who would like to have the pastor or a lay person visit before a surgery or during a hospitalization please contact the office so that we are aware of your wishes and the expected date and time.  Office manager Beth Kraiger will pass the information along to the appropriate person.  Prayer chain requests may be made in the same way. 

Please remember not to submit a name for the prayer chain without the person's approval.