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 Coloma United Methodist Church

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At the United Methodist General Conference, every delegate and church leader received a set of prayer beads made especially for 2016 in Portland. The United Methodist artist who helped craft the design says Protestant prayer beads are an idea that is catching on.

Kristen Vincent is a United Methodist who says her calling to introduce people to prayer beads grew out of her own difficulties with prayer and not knowing how to go about it. Vincent says prayer beads solved that problem and they can help anyone find focus and improve their prayer life.

This video was produced by  United Methodist Communications in Nashville, TN.

Wednesdays 9:00 am  Joint Coloma & Riverside UMC Prayer Group  at Riverside UMC.

Please join us at Riverside UMC anytime!

This dedicated group of 3 to 5 persons meets weekly to pray for any requests voiced in church, and requests from anyone anywhere who lets the prayer group know that prayers are needed.  Sometimes prayers are slipped under the office doors, or are submitted anonymously through the Contact Us form on this website.  Requests are also mailed, relayed through neighbors or friends, any form of communication will do!  These prayer warriors are ready and more than able to pray for anyone who asks, whatever the communication method.

Names and details not required. 

We are all God's children and worthy of God's love and grace. 

Prayer Group

Prayer Group