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March 25, 2017. CUMC hosts a Mission Sewing Day.  Participants from multiple churches cut, sewed, and ironed diapers, t-shirts and tote bags for use in Michigan and around the world, wherever there is need.  

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Here are just a few of the photos taken on December 16 at the Kids Hope Christmas Party.  2017  

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February 19, 2017. Crosswalk Worship Service 11:14am.  ​The table is set for children's wHoly Play at the edge of sanctuary seating where their teacher works with them during worship. 

​Here's what church members and friends have been up to. 

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Photo Gallery

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Here are just a few of the photos taken on December 17 at both services' Children's Nativity Pageant.                 2017

Thanks to all the actors, from costumed children and youth to adult spur-of-the-moment-uncostumed volunteers!

Photo Gallery