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 Coloma United Methodist Church

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Above:  Pastor Chris poses with husband Mike

Left:  Pastor Chris in  pastoral robes


 Pastor Chris comes to Coloma UMC from Mesa, Arizona, the location of her last appointment.  She has returned to Michigan, as it was in the Michigan Conference she was ordained.

What's Ahead for Our Community of Faith?

A new season has begun at Coloma United Methodist Church!  There are always adjustments that are naturally occurring when a church has a change in pastoral leadership  I am beginning to learn what the traditions are at this place of worship, and I feel that like peope are beginning to know me.I want everyone to know that I am willing to listen to whatever might be on your heart as we move forward.  My Master of Divinity degree has an emphasis in counseling., and the seminary from which I graduated (Ashland Theological Seminary) is nationally recognized for their counseling program.  I also appreciate everyone's patience as I put names and faces together, and the various roles of the many volunteers who make ministry ppossible at Coloma United Methodist.

Together we shall go forth to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world!

                                                                                         -Pastor Chris

*Note:  Pastor Chris' sermons will begin to be posted soon.  When available, if you'd like to hear and see Pastor Chris in action, here will be your chance!  Sunday's sermons are recorded and will be posted to Youtube regularly.  Y,ou may even catch one of our guest speakers or lay speakers in the pulpit.

Pastor Chris plans Sermon Series weeks
ahead. Here's what she and the Worship
Design Team are planning. 

Sermon Videos

Sermon Schedule

Christine Beaudoin, Pastor