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Pastor Ron has received a new appointment effective late May.  Our prayers are with Pastor Ron , his wife Kathy, the pastor and family of the yet to be named person who will be coming here, the congregations and the persons involved with the new appointment choices.


Above:  Pastor Ron poses with wife Kathy

Left:  Pastor Ron experiences a quiet moment with his guitar, the sun, and wind on the lakeshore.

 Pastor Ron leads Son-Set Services, Wednesdays during the summer at Hagar Shore Beach, 7 p.m.


Ron comes from a family with pastoral history in west Michigan since 1955. His gifts include preaching in an informed, narrative, conversational style, often using song, banjo or guitar in support of his message. He credits wife Kathy with being instrumental in his ministry.

Pastor Ron writes:  
I've been in the church all my life except for the few years I spent in the belly of the whale. I love Jesus. I love the church, even when it drives me crazy. I love people. I don't always like what they do or say, but they probably feel the same way about me. My life-long association with Native Americans has left me with the belief that all things are sacred, some are profane, surely, but all are connected in God's great creation. I believe it would be better if we all felt this way and acted accordingly. 

If you'd like to hear and see Pastor Ron in action, here's your chance!  Sunday's sermons are recorded and posted to Youtube regularly.  You may even catch one of our guest speakers or lay speakers in the pulpit.

Pastor Ron plans Sermon Series weeks
ahead. Here's what he and the Worship
Design Team are planning. 

Sermon Videos

Sermon Schedule

Ron Van Lente, Pastor.