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Pastor's Page

Pastor's Page


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September is here, and all of the school and "regular" activity begins again.  Even if you don't have children, or if they are all grown, there are still different activities that have been on hiatus all summer, and now resume.  There can be a sense of mixed feelings about this prospect of beginning things again: some have gotten comfortable with the more relaxed pace of summer, and are not yet looking forward to the busier pace of activities in the fall, winter, and spring, while others are eager to return to a more established routine.  Personally, as a parent, I found as I reached the end of the summer (and conversely the end of spring), I was ready for a change, and eagerly anticipated the differences that such a change would bring at the end of each season.  A person's livelihood also shades how you approach each season, and your time of "busy-ness" may be at odds with summer versus fall-winter-spring.  However, I hope and pray that you are looking on this new season with joy and anticipation!

We here at Coloma United Methodist have an additional new season to celebrate as we mark the 175th Anniversary of our church congregation.  Our congregation has held together through good times and bad, recognizing the importance of the unconditional love of our Lord that we express better together as a community of faith, in spite of our human differences.  Our Lord wants us to love our neighbor as ourselves, even when the neighbor sitting next to you at church has differences with you on certain topics.  If you cannot love your neighbor unconditionally, how can you say you love God unconditionally?  All of us as Christians are children of God;  all are welcome in our community of faith here at Coloma United Methodist Church.  And now we go forward into the next 175 years!

In His Service,

Pastor Chris