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We are in the full throes of summer.  I know I have mentioned it before, but I do so appreciate the summers in the Midwest!  In part it is because it is familiar to me, but also because even a heat that is dry is miserable when it is 120 degrees Fahrenheit, and the scorpions come out at night (scorpions hibernate in the Arizona winter), and almost everything turns brown.

We have much to appreciate here in Coloma.  Much that we know is very familiar to us, and sometimes we need to be reminded not to take the familiar for granted.  We have the familiarity of our freedom, and we can become complacent about that, also.  We can even become complacent about our faith!  When you are in pain, or ill, and then the pain is relieved, and your health is restored, a natural immediate reaction is one of thanksgiving and joy.  Likewise, before you accepted Jesus Christ as your saviour, you were lost.  You are now found, and will have the love of Jesus with you in eternity.  Be thankful!  Be joyous!  Even though it is familiar, do not lose sight of your joyous gratitude.  And it is only when you choose to use your freedom and display that joy to other unchurched folk that you will be effective in winning people to receive what they have been missing.

In His Service,

Pastor Chris

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Pastor's Page

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