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Pastor's Page

Pastor's Page

 Coloma United Methodist Church

 One thing I have observed and thought about many times since moving to Arizona in 2015 is that I missed what feels like a "normal" change of seasons to me.  In Arrizona, there were some varitions in the weather, but they were subtle and unfamiliar.  There are beautiful aspects in the natural world of the desert, but with the occasional signage warning people to  stick to the marked trails due to the dangers posed by poisonous snakes, scorpions, and tarantulas, it was daunting.  Besides, do those critters read the signs and stay off the trails?  I don't think so!  You do not ever want to take a casual stroll across open country in the desert.  And people who had cats and small dogs leaned how quickly predatory birds and bobcat and javelinas would take their beloved pets if they were left unattended outside.  Not a forgiving environment!

But in the Midwest, each season has its distinction, and there is a somewhat predictable cycle with enough contrast to make it interesting.  The way spring eventually arrives in the Midwest promotes such a sense of renewal and re-emergence of all things green and colorful, that one cannot help but be reminded of the resurrection of Jesus Christ though the actions of the natural world, and what Jesus did for us on the cross.  Two thousand years ago, when it felt like all the hope and promise that came with Jesus's earthly ministry  had end in darkness and despair, God raises and restores Jesus Christ to eternal life.  For us here in the Midswest, when the winter seems like it will never relinguish its hold on our environment, we see the grass beginning to green, the different colors of the buds on trees beginning to show, the early spring flowers sending up leaves and stems and the promise of flowers coming soon.  There is a renewal and rebirth and reminder that the best is yet to come!  God is here!  Christ is alive!.

In His Service,

Pastor Chris