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Questions have been asked!

We have almost finished the process of repainting, reflooring, and carpet cleaning our second story of classrooms for the use of our children.  During worship services, we now have all children upstairs!

But what about the nursery that was located downstairs, just off the fellowship hall?  That nursery room will remain fairly intact, but its purpose will change slightly.  When church suppers or other events are held in the fellowship hall, child care is always made available when requested enough in advance to schedule an appropriate child care attendant.  During those events, children will be cared for in the "old" nursery room, downstairs, right off the fellowship hall, close by their parents.

How do I know where to take my child?  Greeters on Sunday mornings will take you and your children to the right classroom(s).  Just let the greeters know that you'd like that assistance to find the  right room!  There will be signs posted as well, but the greeters are there to  help!

Nursery (Ages 0-4)
A nursery is available for infants and toddlers up to and including age 4.  It is staffed by a paid attendant and a volunteer each week, during the worship service and coffee fellowship time.  Greeters just inside the doors of the church will go with you to show the way to the nursery, and introduce you to the attendants.

Child care can be arranged for any church activity such as prayer group, study group, bible study, or special events.
  Please call the church office (269-468-6062) or use the Contact Us form a minimum of 2 days ahead of the event to ensure availability.

Volunteers are always needed to assist the attendant.  Questions?  You may contact the church office at 269-468-6062, or use the Contact Us form on this website.

Nursery Programs

Nursery Programs