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May 2017,  mentors, mentees, and prayer partners all attended the year-end Kids Hope party, held in the school gymnasium.  Each child had fun with his/her mentor in close attendance.  Games, food, crafts and more, were included in the afternoon's entertainment and celebration!  Here's to a safe and happy summer for everyone!!

Kids Hope


Debbie Cowgill is continuing in the position of Director for the school year 2016-2017.  She is excited to be back enabling prospective mentors to match up with children in the Coloma elementary schools!

The 2016-2017 school year has begun, and Debbie Cowgill is busily matching adults with Coloma elementary children, to mentor and work with them on a weekly basis.  It's one adult to one child.  As the mentor gets to know his or her "mentee", weekly conversations may be on school work, personal relationships, the weather, friends, and maybe a game or two is worked in too.  The aim is to show support for the child, and help him or her in the skills needed to be a better student and perhaps a better friend, as well.  Prayer partners are also needed, to pray for the relationship between mentor and mentee.  

If you would like to volunteer as a mentor, a prayer partner, or support for one of the seasonal Kids Hope parties during the school year, please contact Debbie using the Contact Us button located at the upper right of this page.

For more information on this national program, check out the link below:

Kids Hope

For more information on the national Kids Hope program, here's a link:

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