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Ground Maintenance

We have a collection of plants, flowers, vines, etc. around the church, its gazebo, and sign.  Weeds have a way of creeping in, and volunteers from the congregation give their time several times a year in a Clean-up Day. The pictures on this page show the efforts made in previous years.  And then in an ongoing effort, individuals weeds and clip faded blooms throughout the growing months. We thank each and everyone of those volunteers who help to keep the church grounds a peaceful, beautiful place to be!

Ground Maintenance

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Volunteers keep on pulling weeds and deadheading flowers all summer long!

Thanks to all you who persist throughout the all too short summer days!

There is a sign-up list of the church bulletin board, the board locaated on the wall between the Pastor Chris and Beth's offices. If you would like to help maintain one of the flower beds around the church, here's the place to sign-up!.  Much thanks to those helping the church shine!  Good job!