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 Coloma United Methodist Church

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Golfing weekly !


Call the church if you are planning to attend.     269.468.6062.

There are those who faithfully come to golf every summer Wednesday at 9am, but numbers have been down due to recent health concerns.  We pray for improved health  and attendance!  

LIFELINKS golf - Wednesday mornings at 9:00 a.m.

ALL are invited to LIFELINKS Wednesday mornings (began 6/14/2017) gathering at the church for brief devotions at 9:00 am followed by golfing. 

This year, unfortunately, no longer includes breakfast.  We thank those who cooked breakfast in previous years and will miss their good meals, while supporting their current life paths. 

Lifelinks is open to both men & women, and is planned through August at least. It depends on how determined the golfers are in the face of autumn weather!

Call the church if you would like more information.     269.468.6062.