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Hope Resources (Food Pantry)

Churches in North Berrien County are working diligently to make Hope Resources a reality.  Obtaining a building devoted to only the work of Hope Resources is the continuing focus.  Until the buildding can be obtained, Hope Resources will continue to operate out of the Coloma United Methodist Church.  We look forward to advances on that front every day, through prayer, phone calls, and meetings.  All prayers are very welcome and encouraged!

Hope Resources

During May the United Postal Service in Coloma ran a food drive.  Recently as a result of that drive, they delivered over 3500 pounds of food to Hope Resources for further distribution.  Thank you USPS and Coloma area residents for your support in bringing food to those in need in the Coloma, Riverside, and Watervliet community!

Hope Resources is currently located in the Coloma United Methodist Church, 144 S. Church Street, Coloma, Michigan.  It is supported by six area churches, and many local organizations, and individuals, too!

Who?  The Pantry assists only residents of the school districts of Coloma, Watervliet, or Riverside/Hagar #6.  Those persons asking for assistance may return once each calendar month.  The pantry is open Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, from 9am to noon.  Food can only be given during those hours - even if the church is open for other reasons.

What documentation?  If you are requesting food, please have your pictured ID with you each time you return.  Documentation is necessary for each member of your household:

  • Pictured ID
  • New address proof such as first class mail addressed to you, , utility bill, lease, or any other document with your name and address.
  • ID for each child such as a medicaid card, social security card, a copy of a 2015-2015 report card, court ordered custody placement, or a WIC card.​

Snow?  If the Coloma Schools have a snow day and school is cancelled, then the Food Pantry is closed as well.  Rather than make the trip and find us closed, you are welcome to call the church office at 468-6062.

Funerals:  Occasionally, we host a funeral here in our church sanctuary.  There will be a sign at the north entrance saying that the pantry is closed.  There is no way of knowing this ahead of time.  Please do not enter the glass doors, expecting someone to give you food.  We hope you understand and will respect those in attendance at the funeral.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Hope Resources through the church phone 468-6062, during the pantry operating hours - Wednesday through Thursday, 9am to noon.


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