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Disaster Response

​​Top Four Worst and Best Ways to Help After a Disaster
By Susan Kim 

When disaster strikes, often we see heart-wrenching images on television. People have lost everything. Their homes are swept away or lie in a tangled heap. Their belongings are ruined. 

We immediately want to help – a good intention that stems from compassion for our fellow human beings. However, be certain to couple your compassion with good judgment on the best ways to help disaster survivors.

Here are the top four most common pitfalls into which helpers fall after a disaster – and what they should do instead.: 

Disaster Response

UMCOR  United Methodist Committee on Relief

When disaster strikes, it is local churches that provide the first response to their communities.

This basic understanding—that disaster response is local—forms the foundation for UMCOR’s US disaster training and response.

100% of each gift reaches the mission or ministry of your choice. 

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UMCOR (United Methodist Committee on Relief) is currently working with disaster coordinators and early response teams to provide relief to the many victims of hurricane/tropical storm Harvey. We will continue to update this page and UMCOR social media as we receive new information.

Please continue to pray for those whose lives have been impacted by hurricane/tropical storm Harvey. Please also pray for the Early Response Teams, disaster coordinators, and many volunteers in The Texas Annual conference of the United Methodist Church, Louisiana Conference of the United Methodist Church, Rio Texas Conference of the United Methodist Church, and the Central Texas Conference   who are working tirelessly to provide relief after Harvey. 


For further information on support for Harvey disaster, click here:

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