Additional events and activities in previous years

May 3, 2017, 12 noon, Spring Luncheon:  Congregational Care Team invited seniors and friends to reserve a place at the Spring Luncheon.  Dr. Jeff gave a short presentation. Very informative, and much appreciated, Dr. Jeff!  The food and fellowship made for a good time by all.

​Congregational Care

​Congregational Care

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October 27, 2016, 2pm:  Congregational Care Team sponsored a Grief Consoling presentation.  

This seminar was open to any and all who are dealing with grief, whether over a personal tragedy, or if overwhelmed by public news events.  Attendees came, listened, perhaps heard something to help get a handle on what is hurting, or to learned something to use in supporting others.

     a compassionate people, seeking, serving, sharing, discovering the love of Jesus, together.

 Coloma United Methodist Church

This group concerns itself with providing support and attention to shut-ins, new attendees at CUMC, and those in need of a visit from a congregational member.  Here are just some of the activities members of Congregational Care Team may find themselves involved in doing:

  • Bringing communion to people unable to attend due to illness.
  • Visiting with shut-ins, just to chat.
  • ​Providing a luncheon from time to time at the church.
  • ​Finding transportation to and from church for worship or other events for those who no longer drive.
  • ​Bringing grief literature and support to those who have experienced recent loss.
  • ​Keeping in touch with others through a card, a phone call, or a visit.

​​If you are interested in participating in any of these activities, please contact the church office during regular business hours, or contact Bonny Kulick or Linda Stibal, using the Contact button at the upper right corner of this page.