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From the smallest children we learn so much.  Its easy to see why Jesus said

"Suffer the children to come to me."  

These videos are courtesy of UMC Communications.

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December 17th   Our Annual Christmas Bring a Kid Nativity Pageant!   

Open to  any children that attend either service!  Bring your children and their friends early, if they would like to participate in the Nativity Pageant at either service  (Cornerstone begins at 9:15am and Crosswalk begins at 11:14am).    

We've assembled plenty of costumes and will help children become angels or shepherds or kings or sheep.  There are children who look forward to donning their favorite costume every year, but there's always room for more!    

If you enter the church on a Sunday morning before worship, there will be greeters and ushers at the door and just inside.  Please ask one of them about Sunday School.  They will be glad to help you find the right place for you and your children!  For those children present for either service, Cornerstone at 9:15 or  Crosswalk at 11:14am, maybe they would like to be part of wHoly Play - see the update and photo just below.

What is wHoly Play? In  our continued effort to refine and improve, a new approach to children's

programming is underway.  We're calling it wHoly Play.  That's right, wHoly Play.  

Look for the child-sized table near the back of the sanctuary.  Children may come over to the

table anytime, during either service, while parents sit nearby in worship.  Teachers will provide an atmosphere that encourages creative learning and participation, while learning biblical stories and concepts related to the worship theme for any given Sunday.  

We appreciate the children being present during and at worship during the worship and church activities.  Their presence is a true gift from God!

Children's Programming

Children's Programming

As a result of our participation in the Vital Church Initiative (VCI), we have restructured children's and youth's programming over the past months.  We've researched, painted, discovered and trained to be better able to care for this community's precious children. There's a brand-new, fresh approach for Sunday School.       Come and see!