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Want to participate? Consider sponsoring a child for the new school year.  Small clean toys or school supplies can be welcome surprises in a small child's backpack.  Or, drop a donation marked for the Backpack Project into the collection plate.  

Prayers are always welcome!

For more details,

please contact Marilyn Reed

through this website.

The children, school staff, and backpack volunteers thank you!

The Backpack Project is funded by proceeds from parking fees during the August Glad Peach Festival , (first weekend in August),  generous donations, and various events held during the church year.  Thanks to all  those volunteers and contributors who donate time and money to feed elementary children who receive backpacks of food every weekend during the school year.  Thanks!  Thanks!  Thanks!   Good food grows strong minds and bodies for the future!   

 Small clean toys, school supplies, backpacks and funds to buy food are always welcome  whenever the church doors are open.      The kids will thank you!

​What is the need for food?  Give me details!


Statistics say that three out of  five children in Berrien County go to bed hungry every night.  Children's brains fail to develop properly if they are not well nourished.  There are  programs that feed children lunch and sometimes  breakfast during the school year and school week.  The aim of the backpack project is to supply weekend backpacks of food to children whom the teachers and school counselor agree could use some extra food support on the weekends, too.

​How many children will receive weekend meals in a given school year?  Donations given during the month of August and the first week of September will determine how many can be served.  Donations are gratefully received at the church office during regular business hours, or on Sunday mornings during the  service. Donations should be clearly marked for Backpack Project to ensure it gets to the right place. Thank you. 

Thanks to all who participate in this mission! 

Young minds need nourishment to grow strong with the ability to learn well.

How are children selected to participate in this program?
Children are selected on the basis of need by the Watervliet elementary school counselor and Countryside elementary principal.  They alone have the names of the children. 

Starting small with a pledge to fill just 5 backpacks, we wanted to ensure that we could provide this service consistently for the children included in the project. 

Who can participate in packing backpacks?  What age group?

Currently about 25 to 30 people are involved in parking cars during Glad Peach Test,buying food, packing the backpacks,  picking up empties or delivering full backpacks to the participating schools.  Others in the church and community offer donations important to support the effort.  Team ages varies from teenagers to seniors, usually in teams of two or three persons.  

Whether giving by prayers, presence, gifts, or service, it is a church and community effort, that we hope brings the message that children are loved and important to us, in this community and in this church. 

We'd love to hear from you!  You may contact us for more information, by clicking on Contact Us, to leave your message  with contact phone number or email address.