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Anti Gun Violence

What Methodists Can Do to Take a Stand

Against Gun Violence

Here is a list of suggested actions to help stop the violence:

Anti Gun Violence

Kingdom Dreams, Violent Realities, a three part study on relating to violence based upon Micah will be conducted on Wednesdays, beginning November 1 at 7pm at CUMC.  This study is from the UMC Board of Church and Society.  You need not attend all sessions to gain from the concepts of this study and discussion.

 Honoring Victims

On All Saints Day, 2016, the Missions Committee of Coloma UMC honored the lives of children age 12 and under who have lost their lives due to accidental shootings and gun violence in the United States in 2016. We have been collecting and displaying cut-outs of little T-shirts for each victim throughout the year. These T-shirts contain the name and age of the victim, as well as a picture (when available).

To date, there have been 170 children's lives lost. Of these, 57 were accidental shootings, 44 were the result of murder/suicide, 2 (11-year olds) committed suicide, and the remainder were the result of domestic violence and other homicides.

These are all PREVENTABLE deaths. It is important to raise awareness of the importance of gun safety at a minimum. You can research these facts at 

The statement on gun violence from The United Methodist Book of Resolutions can be read by clicking here:


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