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Who is on the Church Council?  Good Question!

Community Ministries:  Leon Burke, Debbie Cowgill

Finance:  Jackie Forrester, Angie Seabury

SPRC:  Barb Ramsey, Jeff Phillips

Trustees:  Rod Kreiger, Davonne Trosper, Joe Brookshire

Lay Member of Annual Conference:  Tiffany Crain

     Alternate Lay Member:  Pam Walker

Chair/Lay Leader:  Jeff Philips (Nominations Co-Chair) 

Pastor:  Ron Van Lente  (Nominations Co-Chair)                       

updated April 2018.  Meets quarterly and as needed.

​​​When will the Church Council meet next?

The last Meeting of the whole Council was scheduled to be held April 15, 2018, at 12:30pm.  They reviewed the past year, refining strategies to accomplish this year's goals.  Using "Feeding Body and Soul" as a guiding principle, the council worked finalizing guidelines to further expand our ministries to people who are in need "in body and soul" through out the coming year.  The newest strategy we have to connect with non-churched people this year will be through Church Street Market, the farm and artisan market that begins here in late May.  What an opportunity this will be to greet and welcome people new to our church and community!   Next meeting?  To be determined, although individual sub groups such as SPRC, Trustees, etc., will be meeting as needed.

The council works through prayer and considerate discussion to advancing God's work through the CUMC.  If you have comments, congratulations, or concerns that you feel the council should hear, please talk with one or more of the council members listed.  Your input is welcome, appreciated, and valuable as we consider the present and future of CUMC.   

​​Administrative Model 2016-2018

On November 19, 2017, the council met to introduce new members, to thank outgoing members for their service, and to review current status of ongoing concerns.  Jeff Philips is the new lay leader and council charge for beginning with the 2018 year. Pam Walker is grateful for the support she received and the experience of acting as council chair during its initiatory years.  Michael Gearhart will also be missed, but is to be congratulated on the career and life changes he is making.

Operations Team
Chair - Jackie Forrester, Pastor Ron
Vice Chair - Angie Seabury
Treasurer - Lois Phillips
Financial Secretary - Kathy Manning
Facilities Manager(s) -

      David Gearhart, Red Kuelbs
Members - Larry Eckoff, Milt Stibal
Amenable Staff and Officers
Office Manager - Beth Kraiger
Communications Officer - Beth Kraiger
Facilities Use Coordinator - Beth Kraiger
Custodian - Bud Seabury
Membership Secretary - Beth Kraiger
Memorials Committee Chair -

        Karen Benjamin-Saetre

​Meets monthly and as needed.

Ministry Team
Pastor (Chair) - Ron VanLente
Lay Leader - Jeff Phillips
Congregational Development Leader - Pam Walker (interim)
Congregational Care Team Leaders - Gail Kuelbs, Bonny Kulick
Hospitality Team Leader - Diane Hogue
Communications Team Leader - Pam Walker
Worship Team Leader - Judi White
Outreach Team Leaders - Bonny Barrett, Autumn Schmaltz

Food Pantry Coordinator - Carole Sternaman
Kid’s Hope Director - Debbie Cowgill
Backpack Program Coordinator - Pam Walker
BH Soup Kitchen Coordinator - Bonny Kulick
CROP Walk Coordinator - Barb Ramsey-Smith
Church Street Market Liaison - Betty Krell

Chamber of Council Reps  - Debbie Cowgill, Leon Burke

Amenable Staff and Officers

Cornerstone Accompanist - Carolyn Carter
CrossWalk Accompanist - Sue Sweet
Choir Director - Diane Hogue
Bell Choir Director - Diane Hogue           
UMC Camping Coordinator - Ron VanLente
Native American Ministries Coordinator - Ron VanLente
Status and Role of Women - Linda Stibal
Social Media Coordinator - Pam Walker

​Meets monthly and as needed.

Lead Team

Pastor -

     Ron VanLente
Lay Leader -

     Jeff Phillips
Office Manager -

     Beth Kraiger
Facilities Manager -

     David Gearhart, Red Kuelbs
Communications Officer -

     Beth Kraiger
Social Media Coordinator -

     Pam Walker

Meets weekly and as needed.

Implementation and Overview 

October 18, 2015 Annual Church Charge Conference with District Superintendent John Boley. This meeting, as always, was open to all church attendees, and held in the sanctuary of Coloma United Methodist Church.  Budgets, leadership nominations, appointments, and implementation of a new church governance model were approved and announced.  Copies of the report from the meeting were made available in the church office and in the narthex/gathering area.  A graphic organizational chart was included within that report to help explain church structure interworkings.

 have met and will meet on a roughly quarterly basis to review current status and plan future ministry goals.  December 2015 the new organizational structure was implemented.

Administrative Model 2018-2019

     a compassionate people, seeking, serving, sharing, discovering the love of Jesus, together.

 Coloma United Methodist Church