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December 3, 2017  The Church Council met from 9:30 to 2. Focus included welcoming new members for 2017, and reviews of council roles in support of church goals and values.  A report of the meeting was made available to the congregation.

Who is on the Church Council?  Good Question!

Community  Liason:  Leon Burke, Jeff Philips

Finance:  Jackie Forrester, Michael Gearhart

SPRC:  Gail Kuelbs, Debbie Cowgill, Joe Brookshire

Trustee:  Rod Kreiger, Davonne Trosper

Lay Delegate to Annual Conference:  Tiffany

​At Large:  Barb Ramsey-Smith

Chair/Lay Leader:  Pam Walker

Pastor:  Ron Van Lente

When will the Church Council meet next?

During August and September sub committees of the council are meeting to prepare for the annual charge conference with the District Superintendent.  Their findings and reports will be discussed in the next Council Meeting of the whole Council (scheduled to be held 9:30 September 30, in the CUMC Fellowship Hall.   Members are asked to please bring-a-dish-to-pass lunch.  Through prayer, earnest discussion, and laughter,  council members will continue to work advancing God's work through the CUMC.  Reports for the District Superintendent and the church will be made available at the annual charge conference October 18th when the entire church is asked to be present.  (council at 4:30, church at 5:00.)

If you have comments, congratulations, or concerns that you feel the council should hear, please talk with one or more of the council members listed.  Your input is welcome, appreciated, and valuable as we consider the present and future of CUMC.   

​​Administrative Model 2016-2017

Administrative Model 2016-2017

Implementation and Overview of Past Meetings

October 18, 2015 Annual Church Charge Conference with District Superintendent John Boley. This meeting, as always, was open to all church attendees, and held in the sanctuary of Coloma United Methodist Church.  Budgets, leadership nominations, appointments, and implementation of a new church governance model were approved and announced.  Copies of the report from the meeting were made available in the church office and in the narthex/gathering area.  A graphic organizational chart has been included within that report to help explain the interworkings of council, missions and ministry team, operations, facilities team, and all other groups operating within the structure of the church.

Implementation of this administrative model began December 2015.  Events have followed as listed below:

December 7, 2015  First Meeting of the Church Council.  For all Church Council Members.  Find out the game plan!

December 14, 2015  First Town Hall Meeting for congregation.  Who's In Charge??  Find out the game plan.  Ask questions.

January 1, 2016  Introduction of the Church Council

The Church Council replaced the former Administrative Committee, combining Financial, SPRC (Staff Parish Relations committee), and Trustee committee duties and responsibilities, beginning January 1, 2016.  The council will meet quarterly, each time with a specific agenda aimed at determining the course of the church, examining and adjusting as necessary, as fits the church's vision.  The council is made up of lay leader, lay delegate to annual conference, pastor, and a maximum of ten at-large members.

April 16, 2016  The initial Quarterly Church Council Conference was held at Camp Renora, 9:30am to 3:30pm.  A multitude of documents were disbursed, reviewed, and discussed.   Generally, the day was judged as a very informative time, giving new direction and purpose to the CUMC vision.  Time well spent!    

April 25, 2016  A special Town Hall Meeting was held, 7pm at CUMC.  All and any who worshiped at CUMC were urged to attend.  The major topics for discussion were the current plans and possible options for adding a second worship service in October 2016.  This second service would be a more informal or casual version of our current service, and be held during the 11am to noon time period.  Input was discussed and noted on the critical issues of location (sanctuary or fellowship hall), and other implications such as sound and projection systems, seating, etc.  Thank you to all who attended and expressed your opinions.  Your input was essential as the Design Team moved ahead.